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Full Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

Full Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine

28 Sep 2020
Full Automatic Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine function introduction

◆It is convenient and quick to adjust the whole computer.
◆The whole machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with high requirements, reliable functions and safety.
◆Specially add computer remote maintenance to quickly solve equipment failures, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
◆Choose high-quality materials and accessories. All drive rollers are made of high-quality steel, plated with hard chrome, and surface ground.
◆Painting process: The parts undergo derusting-phosphating-spraying-baking varnish before spraying, which can make the paint anti-rust, hard surface and more durable.
◆Imported transmission gear is adopted, which is hardened and ground, with Rockwell hardness >60 degrees.
◆The keyless connection ring is used to reduce center wear, enlarge the virtual position, and maintain long-term printing registration.
◆Automatically return to zero and automatically reset.
◆The automatic oil balance device keeps the oil of each unit at the same level.
◆Independent computer control, can store commonly used orders, the number of stored orders can reach 1000. Quick change of orders and more convenient operation.
◆Emergency stop switches are installed in each unit, which can stop the movement of each unit internally to ensure the safety of internal operators.
◆Each unit of the whole machine is separated automatically or independently, which is more convenient to operate, and keeps ringing to warn when walking to ensure the safety of operators.
◆The gap adjustment of transfer roller, impression roller, rubber roller and anilox roller adopts self-locking structure.

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