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Important preparation for the replacement of consumables of the box making machine

Important preparation for the replacement of consumables of the box making machine

28 Jun 2020
Many customers are concerned about replacement of consumables when choosing a carton manufacturer. The entire machine is not easily damaged, but fragile parts need to be replaced regularly. Therefore, price and after-sales service are important considerations before purchasing a carton manufacturer.

There are three main principles of consumables, namely cheap, easy to replace and stable supply. Therefore, the machine supplier's consumables for good after-sales service will benefit customers. The Corrugated carton box making machine manufacturer consists of three types of wear components: a cutting knife, a slotting knife and a knife comb. Here, we will introduce each consumable so that you have a good understanding of our services.

1. Knife
Cutting knives are mainly used in cutting cardboard horizontal and vertical knife assemblies. It is made of high-quality tungsten steel, with high hardness, wear resistance, long service life characteristics, is a high-end tool of the corrugated paper industry.

Each knife can be cut to a length of 15-200,000 meters and can be used for 3-6 months, depending on 1000 tablets per day (1.5m in length). When the blade is not sharp, a new blade can be replaced directly. The removed wear blade can be repaired and reserved for the next replacement. A knife can be re-sharpened about 3 times.

Replacement procedure: The cutter is secured with 4 M4 bolts. When replacing, remove 4 bolts with a 3mm hex wrench, replace them with a new blade, and reinstall the bolts.

Tools: hex wrenches within 3mm, cut-resistant gloves.

1. Must wear good cut-proof gloves;
2. The bolt of the cutter must be tightened, plus the anti-loose spring pad;
3. Knife can not be hit, knock, fall, fall.

2. Slotting Knife
The slotted knife is mainly used for horizontal slotted corrugated board, made from SKD11 mold steel imported from Japan, with high strength, good toughness and good wear resistance. Each tool can be processed in 1.5 million cartons, and slotted knives can be used for more than 2 years. After the sloth knife is worn, it can be replaced with a new part.

Replacement procedure: The sloth is secured by 4 M6 bolts. When replacing, remove 4 bolts, remove the sloth, replace new parts, and reinstall the bolts.

Tools: 5 mm hex wrench, gloves.
1. Wear gloves to prevent hand injury;
2. The bolts must be tightened to prevent it from loosening.

The life of the sloth depends on the quality of the slot, which usually decreases with the wear of the tool blade, which can produce burrs and fragmentation. A large amount of sand content of up to 5% to l0% of the cardboard, sand will be continuous grinding cutting edge, will hurt the cutting edge surface. The service life of the slotted knife decreases over time due to the increase in sand content and impurities in the cutting plate.

Knife comb is mainly used to support corrugated board, it and the paper cutter form a shearing angle to ensure that the cardboard cutting smoothand and neat. It is a new component used to replace rubber rollers in the industry. Compared with rubber rollers, it has the advantages of small scraper wear, easy replacement and low cost.

The comb is made of high-strength carbon fiber and has a service life of up to 1 year. The comb can be replaced with a new part after a break.

Replacement procedure: Each comb is secured by 2 M6 bolts. Remove 2 bolts with a 5mm hex wrench, replace them with a new comb, and reinstall them.

Tool: 5mm hex wrench

4. Wear parts price and replacement policy
Typically, Aopack provides two cutters and a comb, which will be shipped with the machine. We can help you buy from China and ship it to you.
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