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Reduce packaging costs

Reduce packaging costs

28 Jun 2020
When you distribute a product to a customer, you must order boxes from somewhere else, and then make sure that you have a large enough warehouse to store all the products, the packaging can cost the company a lot of money. Taisheng decided to find the best way to reduce packaging costs, and the answer was simple: Taisheng box makers. Boxer lets you make custom boxes in-house, which is very cost-effective for your company.

No outsourcing of services required
Use your own internal box manufacturer without having to buy boxes from other companies. This helps reduce packaging costs because you no longer have to pay for boxed items on a constant basis, which your company is likely to do every month. Instead, you can pay for your box machine in one lump sum and then buy corrugated when you need it.

Customizable dimensions
With customizable boxes, you can precisely select the size your product needs. Whether you're buying a larger or smaller box, you can't fully determine the size each order needs. With case maker machine, you can reduce packaging costs by creating custom boxes internally, enabling you to state the exact size you want. This means that your shipping costs will be much lower because smaller boxes are cheaper. Similarly, boxed boxes are safer, reducing the number of people returning damaged products, thus helping to reduce the number of refunds for bad products.

Less space required
In terms of storage, fewer cardboard boxes mean less space to store countless cardboard boxes, which means fewer warehouses! Instead, all you need is an area of the case maker machine, by space for storing corrugated paper, which is much less than a storage box. Furthermore, this will reduce the number of people required to work in the warehouse. No need to empty the box, no need for the employees previously needed for this, only a smaller team to operate the machine.

Buying case maker machine is the best way to reduce packaging costs and significantly reduce your monthly production. Don't waste all this unnecessary time when you can just pay for this payment and save the company a lot of money.
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