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Saving Energy Consumption While Technological Innovation

Saving Energy Consumption While Technological Innovation

27 Dec 2018

Today, with the development of corrugated box manufacturing,corrugated carton box making machine, many large group companies have higher and higher requirements for corrugated box printing. As a result, a large number of full sheet printed corrugated carton products, white top coated paper carton printing products emerged as the times require. These high-quality, high-definition corrugated cartons need be produced by whole vacuum transfer printing slotting machine, by the progress of printing,slotting or die cutting. But each printer unit of the whole vacuum transfer carton machine need be equipmented with induced draft fan. 

According to the conventional design, in order to maintain the High speed flexo printer slotter die cutter machine can achieve 150pcs/Min or more speed,The Min power of the induced draft fan should be 75kws at lest. But in this way, although the high quality carton products can be printed, the electric energy consumption is quite large, which increases the production cost of carton manufacturers and reduces the profit.

Based on customer feedback, after nearly two years of research and development, Taisheng company has finally broken through the original design concept, and without affecting the production quality, reduced the induced draft fan power to 55 kws. It greatly reduces the power cost of carton manufacturers and increases the profit of the products. 

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