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Congratulations on French Bureau Veritas Certificate

Congratulations on French Bureau Veritas Certificate


After years of unremitting efforts and careful management, depending on the control of production links and strict requirements for product quality. Taisheng company has been recommended by Alibaba Network Services Company in 2017,Obtained the French Bureau Veritas certification organization quality certification.

Founded in 1828, the Bureau Veritas International Inspection Group is a world-renowned international testing and certification group whose services focus on quality, health, safety and environmental management and social responsibility assessment. Since its inception, the service network of Bivi International testing Group has covered more than 150 countries, has more than 900 offices and laboratories, and employs about 40000 people to serve customers in 3, 700 different areas of the global terminal market. 

In China, Bureau Veritas International Inspection Group has 4000 employees, 30 offices and laboratories, and provides quality services to more than 30000 customers. Biwei International Inspection Group is one of the most recognized organizations in the world by governments and international organizations.

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