Corrugated Carton Machine TS Type

Corrugated Carton Machine TS Type


TS Semi-auto High-speed Stitching Machine

Semi-automatic nail box machine can greatly improve the nail box production efficiency. Because of the high degree of automation, semi-automatic nail machine can quickly complete the mass nail box production, improve efficiency, shorten the production cycle. This can not only reduce labor costs, but also maximize the efficiency of nail box production and the overall benefit of the production line.

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TS Leading Edge Suction Feed Automatic Circular Die-cutting Machine

Our die cutters are distinctive due to their cutting-edge design and high-quality components. These pieces of equipment require no maintenance and are quite easy to use. Even the most difficult work environments don't pose a challenge for them. Our machines also have great end-of-product precision, high levels of usage safety, and high levels of stability.

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Folder-gluers are highly specialized machines that perform precise tasks. Depending on the type and materials, these machines can produce between 5,000 and 12,000 boxes per hour. Folder-gluer machines are used in a variety of industries, but they are most commonly seen in packaging production. These machines are frequently used to make various types of boxes, such as crash-lock, straight-line, and multi-point. These machines are also used on a daily basis by envelope manufacturers and commercial printers.

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TS Chain Feeder Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

The TS chain feeder Flexo printer slotter machine uses chain feeding cardboard to complete printing, slitting, creasing, slotting, and corner cutting all at once. The wallboard is made of casting iron and has a thickness of 40 mm. It will not deform. Spot facing work uses high precision display processing, and hole center distances can reach 0.01 mm. You are welcome to place an order!

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TS The Thin Edge Slitter Machine

The thin edge slitter machine is used for vertical processing of corrugated cardboard, and it can trim the edges of the cardboard as well as process the location of the two horizontal lines. The utility model eliminates the phenomenon of rough edges and pressing flutes caused by traditional rear angle cutter slitting, and the edges of the paperboard after slitting are flat and smooth, and the overall quality and appearance of the paperboard are improved, particularly the quality of the printing in the rear process.

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TS Carton Stapler

The carton stapler, also known as a carton closer, is the most common type of carton closing stapler. Specifically designed for fastening and securing carton lids. It works like this: To create a secure and robust closed box, the top stapler drives the staple through the corrugated material layers and clinches the legs under the carton lids.

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