TS Semi-auto High-speed Stitching Machine

TS Semi-auto High-speed Stitching Machine

Semi-automatic nail box machine can greatly improve the nail box production efficiency. Because of the high degree of automation, semi-automatic nail machine can quickly complete the mass nail box production, improve efficiency, shorten the production cycle. This can not only reduce labor costs, but also maximize the efficiency of nail box production and the overall benefit of the production line.

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Place of Origin:
Support Express · Sea freight
Supply Ability:
10000 unit per Month
  • servo drive, touch-screen control, a minute rapidly in a single, easy to operate without experience
  • applicable single screw, twin screw, strengthen nails, nail screw speed 450 / min
  • nail spacing can be directly set on the touch screen, nailed to a maximum of 100 mm distance
  • roller speed can be adjusted on the touch screen free, convenient on the basis of personal control and adjust the speed
  • clappers can automatically adjust the touch screen, easy first of positioning and locking nail fixation
  • can automatically adjust the touch screen board thickness, fast converting single hole, double hole cartons
  • out paper automatic counting, set product box number into a pile of output, convenient and bundling, packaging
  • alarm system: automatic nail and error alarm, automatic stop
  • It can be used for fixing nails in cases with cover or without cover (without cover must be specified when ordering).1_04.jpg
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